Since 1986, UST has been dedicated to providing our customers with the most committed service possible. In the beginning, as a novice company, UST realized that quality must be the highest priority. As a result, UST soon purchased a Hicklin dynamometer to ensure that each rebuilt transmission could perform to the specifications outlined by factory engineers.

The expression was, and continues to be, that we would rather break a unit on our dynamometer than have a transmission break in a customer's machine in the field. We emerged from an extremely competitive market as one of an elite group of authorized Allison dealers.

The employees at UST have an incredible desire to explore new options and develop better means of serving our customers’ needs. UST’s “PURPOSE” sums up what we strive for: U.S. Transmissions, Inc. is a customer-driven company with economical prices, quality service and workmanship, operated profitably in a safe, family-first atmosphere. UST continues to look at new ways to improve and grow so that our customers can count on us long into the future!

To provide quality industrial, on and off-road transmissions and
parts, honestly, competently and profitably by:

Promoting safety first
Providing the most up-to-date employee training
Customer service that can’t be beat
Supplying the highest quality products
With as close to 0 % warranty as is humanly possible
Team work!